Focus on People

Our culture is the rule of our game, and our values guide our way of working and are the north for our decision making.

Our people are our most valuable asset, and that’s the reason why we are always looking for attracting the best people align with our culture and investing on our employee’s development, engagement,  and well-being.

We support our people with training to help their professional growth and unlock their potential. Our career trails are built to motivate and keep up with their goals, connecting continuous personal development with the best solutions to impact the educational sector.  

At Arco we believe that the value is in EVERY and in each person! ​​  ​​With a more diverse and inclusive environment, we know that our people will be happier and more likely to reach their full potential. Thus, we develop the best solutions and leverage our value delivery by scaling an education of excellence.

Culture & Engagement

  • Voluntary Turnover of 12%
  • Employee NPS of 64


Gender diversity:

  • 57% of our employees
  • 51% of our management team
  • 46% of our senior management team



  • 62% of our Trainees were promoted in 2020
  • Trainee’s NPS of 80
  • 85% of our Interns were promoted in 2020
  • Intern’s NPS of 73
  • 100% of our elegible employees get their performance evaluated every semester

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