Promote the Impact on Education

Arco was born with the mission to transform the way students learn, promoting and scaling high quality education. We accomplish this by delivering proprietary methodology, relevant technology and educational support for teachers and school management.

Our content is annually updated and personalized for each brand, ensuring independence and agility to respond to our client needs.

We operate all over Brazil and reach almost every socioeconomic classes.

The quality of our solutions is proved by the National Exam results of our partner schools, as well as our high NPS of our brands. 


  • Performance improvement of 21% by using Eureka (SAS) gamified platform
  • 9 years among the top 10 ranked schools in Brazil accordingly to National exam’s ranking
  • 11.845 students approved in the National exam
  • Students approved in all of the 109 universities that considers ENEM scores in its enrollment process
  • 1.318 students ranked as first
    in their majors in the National Exam
  • 93% of Retention Rate
  • Core legacy brand’s NPS of 88
    and 75 for Positivo


  • 1,786 million students impacted
  • 6.119 schools
  • 37.000 educational video contents and 42 million views
  • 20 NGOs supported by Arco´s Institute reaching over 50,000 low income students

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