Environmental, Social and Governance

Our Manifest

If treated only as a business, Education may lose its essence. If treated only as a mission to educate, there is a risk it will not be sustainable nor scalable over time.

We believe that when we take care of our schools, we care for the future. Thus, we chose to transform lives through education, through the development of quality, scalable and increasingly accessible solutions. We have a strong commitment to our customers, delivering content, technology and services to fully develop our students.

For us, to educate is to create values.

Contributing to the qualification and development of each of our students means helping to build a better world, made of people who care about others, care about the environment where they live and seek a leading role in a more efficient, inclusive and sustainable world.

Our concern is about the future, we are not here only to solve today’s issues.

We believe value lies on people, and it is through excellent, honest and engaged people that we build, every day, a quality, efficient, transparent and sustainable company for the long run. We work to have an increasingly diverse team and an inclusive environment in a company where we can be the best version of ourselves.

Because to educate well is to always evolve. And we’re just getting started!


Promote the Impact on Education

Arco was born with the mission to transform the way students learn, promoting and scaling high quality education. We accomplish this by delivering proprietary methodology, relevant technology and educational support for teacher and school management.
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Focus on People

Our culture is the rule of our game! Our values guide our way of working and are the north for our decision making. Our people are our most valuable asset. We’re always looking for attracting, retaining and developing the best people.
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Strong and Sustainable Structure

We believe that to accomplish our mission we need a strong and sustainable structure so we can grow with efficiency, quality and safety.
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